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Name:    Nayah Pola

High School Graduation Year: 2019

Positions: Short Stop, 2B, UTL

School: La Habra High School, 4 year Varsity player.

GPA: 3.65

Favorite Quote: “You don’t have to have the lead in a game, if you have the heart to come from behind. – Something Coach Kevin Helms told us before we came back to win from a last inning 9-1 deficit.

Softball Accomplishments:

  1. Winning 3 consecutive high school league titles to keep our school’s streak to 10 in a row.
  2. When I fielded 9 straight ground balls in a row and got 9 straight throw outs in one game.
  3. Down by 1 run, with a runner on 3rd,  coached asked me to bounce the ball over the pitcher’s head, I was able to comply to send the game into ITB.
  4. Hitting a over the fence HR at the TC Showcase to help my team take the lead.
  5. Finishing in the top 15 of 108 teams.
  6. Going undefeated in PGF qualifier on our first try.
  7. Making The LHHS Varsity team as a freshmen and being nationally ranked.
  8. Hitting the go ahead 2 run HR to win the game.


Personal/Academic Accomplishments:

  1. Receiving the Scholar Athlete Award every year in High School
  2. Getting Straight A’s in School
  3. Receiving the “Coaches Award” volleyball season.
  4. 1st time ever playing volleyball and my team took 2nd place in Jr High Classic tournament. Finishing ahead of our 8th grade team
  5. I like Photography; I’m the “Selfie Queen”.
  6. I like to play volleyball, football, and I love swimming.


College Goals:

To use softball as a vehicle to help me achieve a great 40 year career.  To play for a school where I can make an impact in their program right away while it being a good fit for my educational goals.

Career Goals:

I would like to become a Physical Therapist to be able to make a difference in the the quality of life of others.

Who or what inspires you to be your best?:

The people who inspire me to be the best that can be on and off the field are my Mom, Dad. Being a role model for my little sister Ava is very important to me.

What does it mean to be a leader?:

To me, being a leader means to carry yourself on and off the field with respect. Leading by example.  Being a team player, while having commitment to yourself and your team.

What would you tell young players to help them achieve their dream?  

To play softball you have to play with your heart. Softball is a 90% mental game. You will fail a lot. It’s how you shake off the failure that’s makes you a great player. The ability to learn from mistakes is what makes us who we are. Always play 110%.